Perry's Priorities

Economic Security

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our economy. In District 20, businesses have been forced to lay off staff or shut down altogether, and hard working families have struggled to make ends meet. Perry has fought tirelessly to protect workers, families, and small business owners through the pandemic. In Congress, he’ll continue to lead our community’s recovery from the pandemic, helping families stay in their homes, bolstering benefits for our most vulnerable, and creating jobs through critical investments in our infrastructure.

Criminal Justice Reform

Perry served as a public defender at the height of the war on drugs, and he saw firsthand how the criminal justice system works against Black defendants. Ever since, Perry has been a leading voice for criminal justice reforms like legalizing marijuana and ending police violence. Now, he’s ready to take his fight for criminal justice reform to Congress and bring real justice to our community.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

For years, Florida Republicans have turned down federal money to expand healthcare access, but Perry has fought back at every turn. He’s been the leading voice for Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. As our Congressman, he’ll fight to expand the Affordable Care Act with a public option for health insurance, invest in our health infrastructure, and help our residents access care.

Protecting Our Environment

Florida is already experiencing the impact of climate change. From coastal erosion to increased flooding, Floridians are at greater risk from climate change than any other state. Low-income families face greater consequences when our water, our coastline, and our infrastructure are threatened by climate change and environmental mismanagement. That’s why Perry has been a strong advocate for resiliency and sustainability measures in our community, and that’s why he’ll continue to be a leading voice for environmental justice and environmental preservation as our Congressman. 

Defending Our Democracy

Florida Republicans have put our basic rights at risk. With blatantly anti-democratic legislation like SB 90, they’ve joined countless other state legislatures in enacting voter suppression laws that threaten our right to vote. In the State Senate, Perry stood against legislation like SB 90. In Congress, he’ll fight partisan gerrymandering, work to expand voting rights, and end the GOP attack on voting rights. 

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